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type 1 

on the move

Type 1 on the move

Holistic Health, Restorative Movement and Diabetes Education


Positively Type 1 



“If there's one thing we need in today's world, it's POSITIVITY. 

There's no shortage of it in

Nick Kundrat's writing.

His sense of humor and down-to-earth approach sets a great tone for thriving with diabetes.” 


- Gary Scheiner MS, CDE

Owner & Clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services

Author, "Think Like A Pancreas"

2014 Diabetes Educator of the Year


Nick Kundrat has been a blessing and an encouragement to not only our son Brandon Miller but our entire family. Brandon has struggled with transitioning into the role of taking care of his diabetes himself. In his mind, he just doesn’t want to talk about or deal with it. That mentality first started to change when Nick talked about exercise and how Type 1’s muscles use insulin depending on what type of exercise they engage in. Brandon was so empowered. The knowledge presented by Nick, could start to understand how to manage sports and playtime without having diabetic issues. Nick has since met with Brandon a couple of times. Brandon has always been very negative and angry about having diabetes. During a mentoring session, Nick talked to Brandon about his ‘super powers’ that he has gained because of being a Type 1. During the meeting I saw Brandon start to open up, talk, and even joke around about some of the Type 1 issues. This was a tremendous step for Brandon. Nick’s positive, understanding, and knowledgeable approach helped Brandon to take on a new perspective about Diabetes. Since our meeting, I have noticed that Brandon has taken a more pro-active approach to manage his Diabetes on his own. Nick’s mentoring role in Brandon’s life has been priceless. I am so thankful that Brandon has Nick to look up to and be mentored by.


—  Mary Miller, Brandon's Mom


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